• Cablestop: instant cable management

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Regain control of your desk


Thoughtful design

Cablestop was designed with simplicity in mind. It just works. While demonstrating design for the triple bottom line, i.e. people, planet and profit, Cablestop is also part of the circular economy, sharing its principles.

Cablestop simply works

About us

Cablestop, the triple bottom line and the circular economy

Cablestop was designed over a period of eight months, to create the best possible product in cable management.

We also considered Cablestop's global impact: it is manufactured in Portugal by a supplier who respects the environment and looks after their employees and suppliers.

From the circular economy perspective, Cablestop's materials can be used over and over again.

Only made of stainless steel and ABS and consisting of just three parts, Cablestop will last you well over ten years!